International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

About ICDL

ICDL is an internationally recognized certification that proves your ability to work freely using personal computers (PC). The certification is offered by ICDL foundation of south Africa. The course comprises 7 modules and a test at the end of every module. NIITECH is an accredited ICDL test center.

Modules ICDL

  • Concepts of IT
  • Using PC & managing files
  • Micro soft word
  • Spread sheets/ MS Excel
  • Database/MS Access
  • Presentation/MS Power point
  • Information & communication technology/Internet

ICDL Benefits

  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Improved job & study prospects
  • Proven increase in productivity
  • Reduction in ICT support costs
  • Increased essential IT Skills levels
  • Increased confidence in computer use
  • Reduced stress levels when working with computers
  • Platform to higher level ICT education

ICDL Internationally

  • Available in 148 countries
  • Translated into 41 languages
  • More than 9 million candidates worldwide
  • More than 20,000 test centers worldwide
  • Endorsed by governments and major companies as a mark of competency in the use of computers
  • Fee Ksh 23,500 Inclusive of log book, work book, tuition & exams.
  • Application fee Ksh. 500