2014 eLearning Innovations Conference and Expo

Theme: 21st Century eLearning

Transforming Education, Employment, and Economies

Welcome to the 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference and Expo!

Join us in Nairobi, Kenya and contribute to the theme of this annual international conference.  It’s dedicated to ICT innovators, leaders, and educators seeking to enrich learning experiences using diverse technologies. Practitioners and scholars with an interest in eLearning and enriching how individuals and organizations learn, across all platforms and sectors are welcome.

Why Attend?

Why register to attend? This international conference offers you:

  • exceptional professional development opportunities
  • extensive business-development opportunities
  • unique networking among diverse stakeholders from all sectors
  • space to initiate or develop collaborative learning initiatives
  • authentic African-based experiences in a 5-star hotel
  • a diverse representation of local, regional, and international delegates (70+ Presenters).

Click here to see the preliminary (draft) Conference Program