About Niitech

Welcome to Nairobi Institute of Information & communication Technology-Niitech, the home of world class teaching, research and Knowledge transfer. In a fast moving and globalised world, we at Niitech have positioned ourselves as the drivers of knowledge based economy by assembling the best quality software-our people. We have positioned ourselves to be the leaders in applied ICT & business research in Kenya and the African continent.

2014 eLearning Innovations Conference and Expo

Welcome to the 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference and Expo!

Join us in Nairobi, Kenya and contribute to the theme of this annual international conference.  It’s dedicated to ICT innovators, leaders, and educators seeking to enrich learning experiences using diverse technologies. Practitioners and scholars with an interest in eLearning and enriching how individuals and organizations learn, across all platforms and sectors are welcome. Nairobi Institute of information & Communication technology is the leading ICT institute providing cutting edge training in ICT courses. We aim to develop techno savvy leaders reputed in their respective fields.